Dial 10-10-738 to call long distance!

How to use 10-10-738 to call long distance

  1. Simply dial 10-10-738 from your home phone:

    in Ontario:
    use from your Bell, Rogers, Cogeco! Use from your Bell home phone Use from your Rogers home phone Use from your Cogeco home phone

    in Alberta and British Columbia:
    use from your Telus or Shaw right now! Use from your Shaw home phone Use from your Telus home phone
  2. Dial the number you wish to call and remember to include all area codes. Dial all of the digits one after the other, as if they were one phone number.

    To call Canada, USA and the Caribbean:
    Dial 10-10-738 + 1 + area code + phone number

    Example, to call Toronto: 10-10-738 + 1 + 416 + phone number

    To call other international destinations:
    Dial 10-10-738 + 011 + country code + area code + phone number

    Example, to call Sri Lanka: 10-10-738 + 011 + 94 + area code + phone number
  3. Your call details and corresponding charges will show up on your regular phone bill at the end of your usual billing period.

Why 10-10-738?

  • No need to sign up or switch providers - use from your Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Telus or Shaw home phone right now!
  • No monthly charges or sneaky access fees.
  • No prepayment.
  • No contracts to sign.
  • No need to switch telephone carriers.
  • All charges appear on your local phone bill.
  • Great long distance rates 24/7.

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